Our Vicar

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,Development focusing technologies and life connecting relationship with life skills, leadership training and values has transformed ordinary human being into responsible citizens, role models and extraordinary leaders.In the changing global scenario, where communication and information technology is the vehicle to carry faith beliefs, tradition societal or religious. Our relationship with God Almighty in person and as a community has been influenced by web media and digital world. With the advancement in technologies and as catalysts can be used as a tool to sustain the spiritual need of the individual through its spiritual organization.

This opportunity gives us a church to use the avenue where we can reach the individual and church members as a whole influence the mind and their attitude. Catching up with the pace of change in technologies has helped to keep our church members to remain connected with the Orthodox beliefs and its spiritual ethos.It is important to stay connected and maintain the balance between the vivid customs, rituals and worship of Indian Orthodox Church without losing the essence of faith. They all urge us to live in the real world, real people, real emotions, real smile, real chats, and real communications. But then all this requires efforts, whatever is easy and convenient may not always be right thing for us.

As St. Thomas Orthodox Church Pazhayapally Ahmadi has chosen, the scientific and digital approach that if we talk directly with friends, family members, neighbours even church members and non church members we learn the new perspectives of life, emotions and circumstances.Thus details regarding various programmes some of which are ongoing and some are newer efforts. Such opportunities for livelihood published (vacancies) in the website is helpful. Display of various events organized and celebrated reminds us the liveliness of our church.Prayerful thanks and appreciation, to all the members for taking up mass media as a tool to reach out to all its members and to everyone easily and effectively.

Special thanks to our Diocesan Metropolitan His Grace Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius for his continuous support, care guidance and valuable prayers.

Your spiritual presence and prayers are earnestly solicited for the fulfillment of the wish of God.

May God Bless us all


Rev. Fr. Abraham P.J (Vicar)