Sunday School

A Brief History about our Sunday School

Decades ago, people from Kerala started coming to Kuwait in search of job. Although they toiled in the desert in the early days, the religiously oriented minds eagerly looked for a common roof to worship under and praise their GOD. This eagerness paved the way for a fellowship setup called Malayalee Christian Congregation.

Before 1970's , Ahmadi area has had this Malayalee Christian Congregation which pooled kids together to study Bible once a week. At this point in time, two eminent members of our faith felt the need of taking little extra pain to bring Malankara Orthodox kids together to study Bible and our faith. Its worth to mention their names, Mr. Simon Philipose and Mr. Thomas Varghese, the two of them brought 8 to 10 students together and this gave the shape of the first unofficial Malankara Orthodox Sunday school in Ahmadi. It ran for years.

In the late 1970's, scenario has changed quite a lot; Along with other eminent members Fr. James E Mathew and Mr. Iype Zachariah took the initiative of giving more shape to this Sunday school, who was the first Sunday school Head Master. Then on, growth was spectacular. Mr. V C Mathew has also assumed the key role as Head Master after Mr. Iype Zachariah.

After invasion there has been a sea of changes, the Sunday school has become more organized. Mr. Zacharia Thomas was inducted as Head Master of St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church Sunday school. Sunday School classes were arranged on every Thursday evening from 7 to 9 Pm. Regular classes, annual exams and annual competitions were conducted, as per the instruction of Sunday school central office.

Since 1988, during the time of Summer Vacation (June to August) Our Sunday School organizes theme oriented, colorful OVBS as instructed by the central office, with aid and support of the Hon. Managing Committee. This year (2019) we have 329 students & 30 Teachers, classes were conducted for ten consecutive days. Love Feast is a fondly looked forward to event during the OVBS.

The number of students in the Sunday school has increased over the years. The current strength of students is about 350 and 24 teachers. Mr. Varghese Abraham is serving as the Head Master.


Mile Stones at a Glance


Before 1970 - Sunday school was a part of Malayalee Christian Congregation

Early 1970's - 8 to 10 students

Early 1980's - First Sunday school Head Master took Office

1988 - First OVBS Classes Started.

1995 - St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church Sunday school, Ahmadi became the FIRST OUT SIDE INDIA Sunday school Registered with Sunday school Association of the East.

1996 -First Batch of Students Appeared for the 10th Class Exam.

1996 onwards -Cent Percent Pass in 10th Class exam

2005 - Constituted the Best out Going Student Award

2006 -Affiliated to OSSAE OKR with 105 students.

2014- Number of Students 250

2018- Number of Students 350

2019- Number of Students 352

2020- Number of Students 355

2021- Number of Students 305


Best Compliment

Rev. Fr. T J Joshua, The Sunday School Director General, during his visit & address to the Ahmadi Church in the year 2005 mentioned that, "St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church Sunday School, Ahmadi, is the First among the Sunday Schools in the Gulf Region, that registered with The Sunday School Association of the East and also the First Sunday school to implement the Syllabus prescribed by the Association.


Sunday School Co-ordinator

Mr. Biju Koshy (Tel # 96005505) is serving as the Managing Committee representative with responsibility of the Sunday School (for 2023-24)