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The Founder   Metropolitan of the Diocese of Kolkatha
( Called to Eternal Rest on 5 th November 2007 )

Childhood & Education

          His Grace Dr.Stephanos Mar Theodosios, was born on 2nd October 1924 as the fifth son of Chacko Kurien and Mariamma of Kayalath family in Pathamootom, Kottayam. He obtained B.A from C.A. Jain College, Jabalpur, M.A from Mahakeshal University, Jabalpur, B.D from General Episcopal Seminary, New York and S.T.M from Konnett Berkeley Divinity School. He ordained as deacon in 1946 and in 1947 his priesthood from His Holiness Baselios Geevarghese II Catholicos of the East.

Spiritual Evolution>

          The Malankara Syrian Christian Association, which met on 2nd October 1974 at Niranam, elected him to the order of Episcopa. On 15th February 1975 Daniel Mar Philexinos made him Ramban. On 16th February 1975 he was elevated as Metropolitan Stephanos Mar Theodosius at Niranam. He was appointed as Diocesan head of Madras from 1976 to 1979 and as head of Calcutta Diocese in 1979.

           He serves as Director of St. Thomas Mission, Bhilai, as Manager of St. Thomas College Bhilai, and also of all the educational institutions under the diocese, and principal of St.Thomas Seminary, Nagpur. He laid the foundation for the first village Mission movement in North India. He is giving leadership to Macodia Mission, Bhilai Mission Centre, Ashram, Hospitals and Schools.

          The Kolkatha Diocese was created in 1979. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius is its first Metropolitan. There are 40 Churches, 15 congregations, 31 priests, 2 deacons, 10 Seminarians. There are 15 Mission Centers functioning in the following places: Bhilai, Macodia, Bagdona, Bhopal, Devaz, Peethbur, Raj Nandagon, Raipur, Korba, Bokaro, Bhimapur, Jabalpur and Jagdalpur. Diocese has one College, 7Junior Colleges, 1 High School, 12 U.P Schools, 22 Balavadis for village students, 8 tailoring schools, 1 Typewriting Institute and 4 Hospitals. It also publishes a journal called 'The Light'. St. Thomas Ashram, Bhilai is the Metropolitan headquarters.
D iocesan Area: Madhya Pradesh, Orisa, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Maharashtra (Nagpur side only), Kuwait and Oman St. Thomas Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Mission, Bhilai

            Founded on July 3, 1972. The first North Indian Mission of the Church established as a memorial to the blessed memory of the martyrdom of St. Thomas the apostle, the founder of our Church, after 19 centuries of that event.

            Founder: H. G. Mathews Mar Athanasios, the Diocesan Metropolitan of the Diocese of the outside Kerala (later H.H. The Catholicos Marthoma Mathews I)
Director: Rev. Fr. K. K. Punnose (later, H. G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius of the Diocese of Calcutta)
The Mission center at Bhilai consists of:

1. St. Thomas Ashram
2. St. Thomas Convent
3. St. Thomas Blalagram
4. Diocesan Center
5. Bishop's House
6. Printing press (Traddle and Mini off-set)
7. Jeevan Jyothi Balawadi
8. Agricultural Farm
9. Dairy Farm
10. Fish Farm
11. Staff Quarters
12. Labor Quarters
13. Garage
14. Chapel
15. Christian College of Engineering and Technology Complex
16. Men's Hostel
17. Women's Hostel

Educational Institutions

1. M. P. Christian College of Engineering and Technology
2. St. Thomas College
3. M. G. M. Senior Secondary School, Bhilai
4. M. G. M. Higher Secondary School, Bokaro
5. M. G. M. Higher Secondary School, Rourkela
6. M. G. M. Higher Secondary School, Hathilal, Jabalpur
7. M. G. M. English Higher Secondary School, Korba
8. M. G. M. Hindi Higher Secondary School, Korba
9. M. G. M. High School, Dimapur, Nagaland
10. M. G. M. High School, Raipur
11. M. G. M. High School, Itarsi
12. M. G. M. Middle School, Bhopal
13. M. G. M. Middle School, Dewas
14. M. G. M. Middle School, Bagdona
15. M. G. M. Middle School, Indore
16. M. G. M. Middle School, Dhawakala
17. M. G. M. Primary School, Pithampur
18. M. G. M. Nursery , Nagpur
19. Mar Baselios Vidya Bhavan High School, Bhilai
20. St. Mary's Hindi Higher Secondary School, Jabalpur
21. St. Mary's English Higher Secondary School, Jabalpur
22. St. Mary's Nursery, Bokaro

  Village Mission

           More than three-fourths of the Indian population live in villages. Mahatma Gandhi said, “To see India, one should go the Indian villages.” Even-after half a century of the Indian independence, villages have not made much improvement. Government of India is spending millions of rupees through the N.G.O. organizations for the development of the poor villages. Unfortunately very little portion of the funds go to the intended villages. The Christian churches and organizations especially the oldest church in India-The Malankara Orthodox Church could do tremendous voluntary services in this situation for the upliftment of the villages. With this intention, Bhilai mission started its village mission in 1984 at Makodia Village in Hoshangabad District of M. P.

The follo wing are the activities of our Abhaya Nikethan Makkodia Mission: ll


  Health Projects
  • Regular health professional visits
  • Working in partnership with Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) and CARE INDIA

  Literacy and Vocational Training

  • Balawadi, Typewriting and Tailoring Institutes
  • Primary education in rural Institutes
  • Adult Education

Economic Upliftment

  • Forming a women group (WG)
  • Self Help Group (SHG)
  • Goat Farming, Picklemaking Units, etc..

Networking with Government Organization and Broadcasting Ministry.

Jabalpur Earthquake Relief Work

            In intensity Jabalpur earthquake was almost equal to the earthquake that occurred in Lathoor, Maha Rashtra. In Jabalpur death toll was comparatively less, but the destruction of houses and damage to the crops and animals were high. Bhilai Mission sponsored the rebuilding of one village and constructed sixty new houses. One community center, and a dispensary. Fr. Mathai Alakot, a member of the mission from Houston did a splendid job in this connection.

St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary

            As per the decision of the Holy Episcopal synod seminary started in 1995 at the Bhilai Mission center. After completing 4 years in Bhilai, the seminary has shifted to Nagpur in July 1999 as decided by the Holy Synod. Only one wing of the seminary building is completed and the construction work is still going on. As the future of the church in outside Kerala depends upon the new seminary the church has to consider in priority the completion of the construction of the seminary project. The co-operation and assistance of the members of the church in this respect is earnestly solicited. Prayers and assistance are requested from the church members and well wishes in the Herculean task of making the Malankara Sabha a Bharatha Sabha through the North Indian Mission and the new seminary providing true Christian good Samaritan service to the millions living below the poverty line in our country.


                                             St. Thomas Ashram
                                                  Post Box 24
                                          Kailas Nagar, Bhilai, Durg
                                          Madya Pradesh State, India
                       Phone: 011-91-788-381309 or 011-91-788-381949
                                          Fax: 011-91-788-383266
                                Email: M.P.C.C.E&T@mantraonline.com


His Grace Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius was called to eternal rest on 5 th November 2007 while he was in Muscat . His mortal remains were taken to India and entombed at the St. Thomas Ashram, Bhilai on 7 th November 2007.

His Grace Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, the Metropolitan of the Mumbai diocese has been assigned the charge of Calcutta diocese by the Catholicose.

H.G. Joseph Mar Dionysius, hails from the Thekkil Kandathil family of Valanjavattom, Thiruvalla, and was born as the youngest son of late T.V.Mathai and Annamma Mathai on 11 Nov 1955. His home parish is St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Valanjavattom of the Niranam Diocese. He was barely 16 years of age when he accepted membership in the Society of Sacred Transfiguration, Mount Tabor Dayara, Pathanapuram, from the late lamented Thoma Mar Dionysius Metropolitan. A brilliant student, Fr. Markose Joseph graduated from Madras University in 1979 and took his post-graduation (1981) in Science faculty with first class and first rank. In recognition of his outstanding performance he was honoured with the Chithness Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit in 1981. He took his M. Phil in 1988 and Ph. D in 1995 from the Kerala University. He also has a B. D. from the Serampore University. He also obtained a Certificate Advanced Christian leadership from the Haggai International Institute, Singapore. Last of all, in September 2008, he was honoured with the prestigious Berchmans? Award for the best energy teacher of Kerala. He was ordained deacon in 1980 and priest in 1995 by His Grace Thomas Mar Thimitheos Metropolitan (the present Catholicos). Till date, he has served as Vicar, Asst. Vicar in 9 parishes under the Thumpamon Diocese. Currently he is the Secretary of St. Thomas Orthodox Clergy Association, Diocese of Thumpamon. In 1981, he joined St. Stephens College, Pathanapuram as Lecturer in Zoology. He became Reader in 1995 and the Director of the Zoology Research Centre in 2000. He is a member of more than a dozen academic bodies and organizations. He has published more than 25 papers in National/International academic journals. His most well-read book is Paristhithy Adyatemeekata (Environmental Spirituality) which elucidates Christian humanism and the orthodox theological vision of the environment. H.G. Joseph Mar Dionysius is an outstanding orator, retreat father, eco-theologian and multi-disciplinary resource person. In 2003, he was honoured by the Board of International Research, American Biographical Institute with the man of the year awards March 1st 2009 onwards he assumed as Metropolitan of Calcutta Diocese.
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